We are Kayastha community,Lord Chitragupta Maharaj was our ancestor.

Family Tree of Chitragupta Maharaj

Kayastha  is a non-uniform functional group of Hindus originating in India. Kayasthas are considered to be members of the scribe caste, and have traditionally acted as keepers of public records and accounts, writers, and administrators of the state. They are a dual caste of Brahmins and Kshatriya.As descendants of Lord Chitragupta, they are more brahminical than Kshatriya. They are mathematicians, astronomers, surveyors, geometricians, treasurers and finance advisories of kingdoms. Kayasthas have historically occupied the highest government offices, serving as ministers and advisors of the middle and southern kingdoms of India and the Mughal Empire, and holding important administrative positions during the British Raj.

Some noteworthy people of the Kayastha community of India :-